About Us

Business Model

As a brokerage logistics company, we have the ability to serve the transportation needs of shippers throughout the continental United States.  We utilize skilled account executives to manage the daily movements of shipments by providing a structured, enthusiastic, and competitive environment.  As we monitor those movement, our account executives strategize and react to the ever changing transportation environment.  We sustain business being a relationally structured organization and remaining driven to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

Our Foundation

At our foundation are four key principles: Integrity and character, service, teamwork, and confidence through honesty.  We have built Power on these factors to bring the most effective experience to our customers.

  • Integrity/Character – As the true foundation of our core beliefs, we commit to holding the highest ourselves to the high forms of integrity.  We operate under one guiding principle, “integrity is what you do what people are watching, character is what you do when people aren’t.”  We commit ourselves to both of those principles.

  • Service – Our mission, providing service beyond the expectation of our customers and shippers, drives our daily strategies.

  • Teamwork – To handle the dynamics of every customer’s needs, and ensure we provide the highest level of service, we work together to utilize the skillset of each member of our team.  We believe the only way to become an organization that stands as one is to fight together.

  • Instilling Confidence through Honesty – Communicating the interruptions and issues that occur between facilities can be challenging.  However, we believe that honestly and communication is the most effective form of managing those interruptions.  We commit to standing behind this belief and executing it.

Our History

Power Freight is the combination of more than 50 years of leadership experience under one roof.  After celebrating our first inaugural year, Power Freight has created a fast paced, motivated, team oriented environment that creates a culture of service.

Our Future

At Power Freight, we are encouraged by our history and eagerly look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.  No matter what level or area, whether shippers, carriers, or potential account executives, we encourage you to contact us to find out how we can better serve you and reach the future.

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