Power Freight can quickly locate a truck or serve a difficult lane. The non-asset basedWebsite Image - Truck driving brokerage model equips us with the ability to provide a high level of service to our customers by giving them access to increased shipping capacity and flexibility.

With access to carriers nationwide, your capacity will not be limited to the range of specific carriers.



To provide the highest level of service, each customer is given their own account executive and point of contact. This creates the fastest response time to shipment needs and changes, as well as gives each customer a devoted executive to learn their business demands, needs, and trends.

Each account executive has a host of carries with various equipment types to meet the needs of customers of all sizes and shipment requirements. Whether van, flat bed, or refrigerated, we are never limited by the equipment of a specific carrier.


Equipment Types

Refrigerated: When there is a need for a shipment to maintain a specific temperature throughout travel.
Website Image - BridgeVans: An effective way to move loads dry and protected from the elements.
Flatbed: If your need expands beyond the capability of a standard van, flatbed carriers can be your solution.
Rail: We are not limited to the road! Many times, rail can be an effective way to utilize shipment cost and speed.
Volume LTL: Don’t ship full truckloads? Our less than truck load shipping department is your answer.
Expedited Shipments: Add speed to service using our expedited shipment service to move your load quickly and efficiently.

At Power, we understand the attention to detail required to actively respond to the ever changing transportation environment. We perform at least two check calls a day to ensure that your load delivers as scheduled.


Power Freight Contact

Your dedicated account executive should always be your first point of contact. For more information, or to inquire about how to receive a dedicated account executive please, please contact us!